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segunda-feira, 13 de dezembro de 2010

Question ft Freddie Joachim - Study Guide (2009)

1 Autumn (Question)
2 A Maze (Freddie Joachim)
3 Early Grey (Question)
4 Calm (Freddie Joachim)
5 Conte (Question)
6 Cool Down (Freddie Joachim)
7 Deedsy (Question)
8 Foolish (Freddie Joachim)
9 Sun Light (Question)
10 Sholder Kiss (Freddie Joachim)
11 Rainy Day (Question)
12 Virgo (Freddie Joachim)
13 Spiked Punch (Question)
14 The Jade (Freddie Joachim)
15 Thanks Chunk (Question)
 16 MY Breakdown Lady (Freddie Joachim Live Drium Outro By Question)
17 Sun Kiss (Freddie Joachim)

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